We're looking for lovely people to join us.

We mainly use Svelte and SvelteKit to build our web apps. We also use React and Next.js for some of our projects.
We use Kotlin and Swift to build mobile apps, and we use Flutter or Capacitor to build cross-platform apps.

Typescript Javascript(ECMA) Dart Kotlin™ Swift Sass(scss)
Svelte React Next.js Flutter Apache Cordova Capacitor Tailwind CSS Vite

We lovely use Laravel and Slim framework to build our backend. We also use Express and Nest.js for some of our projects.
We use Python, Go, and C# for special purpose project like data processing, machine learning, and automation.

PHP (Follow latest) Node.js Typescript Python Go C#
Laravel Slim Rhymix Express NestJS Django Tensorflow MariaDB Redis RabbitMQ

We use GitHub for our source code management. Docker and Kubernetes for our containerization and orchestration.
We distribute our services to AWS or GCP. We use Sentry for our error tracking and monitoring.
We love Trello, Notion, and Jira for our project management, Slack for our communication.

Git GitHub Docker Kubernetes Travis CI Ubuntu AWS GCP Sentry
Trello Notion Jira Slack

We use Figma to design our UI and UX. We also use Affinity solutions to design our logo and icon.
We use various drawing tools like Procreate to create our illustrations.

Figma Affinity Photo Affinity Designer Procreate