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We're actively providing a lot of services in various fields.


NovelPAN is a community site for users who enjoy web-novels. We provide news and reviews of new novels posted on various platforms, and strives to provide various contents through partnerships with related companies.



Developer concept sticker store that appeals to many developers across the country. In collaboration with the world's open-source ecosystem and various artists, we try to identify developers' tastes to the core and distribute stickers to all development laptops across the country.



It provides the number of virtual carriers provided in about 50 countries to help authenticate SMS with secure personal information. It is available at a low price, and we try to prevent security problems by preventing duplicate issuance as much as possible.



This service is to support the shutdown abolition challenge that started with the situation of the youth unavailability of Minecraft. Thanks to many participants in the challenge, on August 25, 2021, the government finally began to discuss abolishing the shutdown system.



TigerWeb is a web agency with experts in each field. Based on the experience of producing hundreds of websites at home and abroad, it delivers the best experience to customers with planning and design suitable for the business field, communication suitable for the flow of work, and development flow that maximizes efficiency and security.

Earth is a simple, short address-generating service. As of August 2021, a total of 210,000 links were created, with an average of 200 new links being created per day. This service protects users' safety through automatic spam detection, no-log policies, etc.